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We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the COVID-19 situation. We have taken a number of measures to help minimize the risk of infection. We do everything we can to ensure that these measures have the least impact on the operation of our business and on running orders. Our main goal in this situation is to protect the health of our employees and customers.

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Prams and pushchairs are very complex products, on which many tests have to be done to verify their full functionality, robustness and durability, and should meet all the requirements of the applicable standards that we mention here. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to demonstrate conformity of their products to the applicable standards and to declare that the products meet all the requirements laid down. Generally, the manufacturers can demonstrate conformity of their products in three ways:

Essentially, there are three ways of conformity assessment:

  1. The manufacturer has its own, in-house test station and verifies all the parameters in there.

  2. The manufacturer has the parameters verified by one of the testing laboratories that are competent to perform the required tests.

  3. The manufacturer takes a risk, does not verify any parameters and simply places its product on the market. This, however, is a very hazardous approach both for the manufacturer and (especially) for the users of such a product.

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Lukáš Kostka

Lukáš Kostka

test engineer
Jablonec nad Nisou
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