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EPA - proficiency testing

The Engineering Test Institute (SZU) proved its competences to continue offering its services of assessing conformity of heating devices to individual customers and helps with placing their products on American and Canadian markets.

SZU took part in a pilot project comparing international laboratories, so called “Proficiency testing“, launched by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It focuses on comparing emission parameters of local heaters and boilers for solid fuels.

This comparison was unusual because it was monitored by an independent auditor during the whole 3 days it lasted. Besides participants from North America, two European countries were also present (Denmark and Sweden).


The scope of recognition applies both to testing solid fuel appliances (biomass) and to the subsequent certification of these heating devices intended for being introduced to the American market in terms of the reached level of emissions and energy efficiency. Among the related heating appliances, which need the EPA authorisation issued by SZU, particularly belong Wood Heaters, Residential Wood Heaters, New Hydronic Heaters and Forced Air Furnaces.

The main role of SZU within this recognition lies in principle in performing the tests according to related American standards and methods and in the subsequent assessment (i. e. certification) of these tests including the performance of quality control audits at the Manufacturer´s plant.


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