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Sales representation in Germany

Since May 2017, SZU has designated new commercial representative for the German territory, Mr. Marc Bartschat. Mr. Bartschat support the good interests of our company through the SZU Germany, participate in expanding our customer portfolio and is also able to assist with inquiries regarding the marketing of products on German territory. In scope of Mr. Bartschat's activities belongs areas in the western part of Germany. In the classification according to postal codes, these are areas 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. In the gallery below, a map of the mentioned areas is attached for better orientation.

Offered services

The SZU is also active in Germany from the perspective of those interested in obtaining German certification marks, with which the entry of the product into the German market becomes much easier.

For a long time, the SZU has been operating in Germany as a recognized testing facility of the German certification body DVGW and has participated in its tests in the certification of selected gas equipment and sanitary equipment. In addition, other leading SZU testing laboratories have recently been approved among the prestigious accredited DIN CERTCO testing laboratories (radiator and heat pump). Products bearing these marks will undoubtedly be more competitive in marketing in all German-speaking countries.

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Who can you reach out to?

Marc Bartschat

Marc Bartschat

Key Account Manager
SZU Germany
+49 (0) 2392 507 844
+49 (0) 1516 144 0793


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